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Your safe hotel in Ischgl
our hygiene measures

Clean, safe & carefree

In our hotel, a mouth and nose protection is not mandatory.
evertheless, you are always welcome to wear your mask if you want to.

We always had a very high standard of hygiene – we will pay even more attention to this in the future!
With our partner HOLLU Systemhygiene GmbH we have a reliable partner when it comes to cleaning and systems for disinfection.

All areas of our hotel are cleaned or disinfected with tested and certified products and systems. 
With this modern cleaning concepts implemented according to the latest findings, we can guarantee our guests a pleasant stay in a clean and hygienic atmosphere.


Mandatory 2G proof as prerequisite for arrival (required for children aged 12 and older)


  • complete immunisation (valid from the day of the 2nd vaccination) (valid for 360 days)
  • vaccines with only one vaccination (Johnson&Johnson) are valid from the 22nd day for a total of 9 months after the day of vaccination
  • recovered people who have been vaccinated once are valid for 9 months from the day of vaccination


  • A medical confirmation is valid for 180 days after an expired infection with SARS-COVID-2. This must have been proven by a PCR test
  • An official segregation order: valid for 180 days
  • Proof of a positive test for neutralising antibodies: valid for 90 days

At the breakfast

  • Before entering, please disinfect your hands by using the dispensers provided.


  • All our wellness offers are at your disposal
  • Due to the distance rules, there are no restrictions in the area of person capacities. Nevertheless, we appeal to your personal responsibility!
  • Opening hours will be adjusted if necessary (depending on the weather)

Rooms & Apartments

  • Daily airing of the rooms / apartments
    (Please open the window by yourself before you leave)
  • Our laundry is hygienically clean and skin-friendly prepared and disinfected in our own laundry.
  • Our housekeeping has several cleaning wipes per room, which are used exclusively in this one room.

General hygiene rules


  • Adherence to the 2-G rule: vaccinated and recovered 
  • FFP2 masks are mandatory in all stores and where necessary
  • Obligation to register in gastronomy



  • 2-G rule (Vaccinated and recovered)



  • 2-G proof required at ticket sales (exact implementation is still being worked on)
  • Guests must carry valid 2-G proof at all times (random checks)



  • FFP2 mask is mandatory (also at bus stops)
  • buses are regularly ventilated and disinfected



  • 2-G rule
  • Only vaccinated or recovered persons (no more tests valid)


We appeal to the personal responsibility of each individual in dealing with each other. 
Please note that changes are always possible.

Current status 11.11.2021

For a carefree stay

Grafiken Hygienemaßnahmen