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Pssst ... Relax

Simply unwind and do
something good for your body
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Relaxation in Ischgl

Choose from our different saunas & steam bath

Saunas don’t just have a positive effect on the body, they’re also extremely relaxing for your whole being. Enjoy the soothing warmth in our saunas and steam bath and recharge your batteries.

Choose between two different saunas and boost your health and mind in the long term. You’ll notice how good this is for your body in no time at all.

Your wellness dream at Hotel Chasa Sulai in Ischgl awaits you.

Finnish saunaThe immune system is activated at 80°C – 100°C

The Finnish sauna with up to 100°C invites you to warm up your body right down to its deepest layers and activate your immune system. The sauna taxes your body and relaxes your mind at the same time.

 Finnish sauna illuminated in red

Bio herbal sauna Take a deep breath at 50°C – 60°C

The fragrance of fresh herbs, pleasant warmth and total tranquillity…
here you can pamper your body and stimulate your sense of smell at up to 60°C.

Organic herbal sauna illuminated with two lying surfaces

Aroma steam bath Beneficial for body and mind

Do you prefer beneficial steam and the cosy warmth of 45°C at the most? Then inhale the healthy and warm steam in our aroma steam bath.

Aromatic steam bath with two stones and towels
Stone in the aroma steam bath

Infrared deep-heatA feel-good place

A gentle and modest temperature with a fabulous effect though! The strength of the infrared therapy sauna leaves you feeling re-energised for a long time, especially after a good long sauna.

Infrared therapy sauna with two towels